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NB Architecture, your architect in Delft

Looking for an Architect in Delft? For example, do you want to build an extension? Or is your home ready for a new layout? NB Architecture makes a design for your renovation. Please contact   to discuss the possibilities.

Verbouwing uitbouw architect Rotterdam

Architect renovation Delft

Are you looking for an Architect in Delft? For example, do you want to renovate your house?

For example, do you dream of alarger bathroom, Your ownHome officeor maybe a home fitness  opattic? Or do you have one due to family expansionadditional bedroomnecessary? Or do you just want a home thatlight and spaciousfeels? By using space smartly, this is all possible. We focus on what really matters to you, and leave out the rest. This creates a house that suits you completely, and gives you the space to do the things that are important to you. 


Wondering what else you can get out of your home? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

"Because of her creativity, problem solving and eye for detail, a surprising and unique design was made. I recommend!"

Would you like to meet an architect in Delft without obligation?

NB Architecture works in Delft and the surrounding area. NB Architecture specializes in renovation andinterior design. Do you want to give your home a complete makeover? NB Architecture is happy to make a custom design and guide you from the first sketch to delivery.


Contact us, and we will visit you without obligation to get acquainted in the Delft area. 

Are you qurious about what NB Architecture can do for you? Please contact us to discuss the options, or request a quote directly. 

+31 6 39662112

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