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About NB Architectuur

NB Architectuur is a design studio focused on architecture and interior design founded in 2018 by Nienke Borgman and specializes in designing for small space living. NB architectuur is based in the Netherlands, but serves clients worldwide.


Finding a balance between beauty, functionality, buildability and cost. That's what good design is all about. But how do you find this balance? NB Architectuur can help you with this.

How? By listening. We don't only ask about hard requirements, but like to dig deeper; what do you want to accomplish with this design? What feeling do you want the space to evoke? Free, open or cosy? And does the space need to inspire, motivate or connect? This is where the essence of the design lies. By taking this essence as a starting point, you will get a surprising and unique design, that most of all fits your personal wishes.

Are you curious to know how your wishes would translate into a design? Plan a meeting to discuss the possibilities.

About NB Architectuur





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