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Tailor-made interior design

Does your house need a stylish interior, but you don't have the time to take on this big task, or can't you figure it out yourself? We are happy to help you create a  interior design. This way you can come home to a house where you really feel at home.

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Make your house your home with an interior design

Nothing is as nice as a home that fits your lifestyle and taste. A house that is a reflection of your personality, you really feel at home there. But how do you create such a home? Combining your lifestyle, taste and possibly the taste of your roommates is incredibly complicated. There are many aspects that interact and can make or break the atmosphere of the interior.

The help of a professional interior designer ensures that you can design your dream home with confidence. Together with you we get the most out of your home.

What clients say;

"Because of her creativity, problem solving and eye for detail, a surprising and unique design was made. I recommend!"

Interior design in collaboration with you

Of course, making an interior design is done in collaboration with you, because your taste and experience are paramount. Finding out what you want is one of the most important aspects of interior design. We do this by listening and asking the right questions.


We do not only ask about the hard requirements, but are happy to ask further. What do you want to achieve with this design? What kind of feeling should the space evoke? Free, open or cosy? Or should the space inspire, motivate or connect? This is where the essence of the design lies. By taking this essence as a starting point, a surprising and unique design is created, which above all meets your personal wishes.

Why an interior design?

  • Your current interior does not match your living requirements

  • You want to do everything right the first time, and thus save money and time

  • You want everything to be one whole, so that your home radiates tranquility

  • You differ in taste with your fellow residents

  • You are ready for something new


Do you recognize yourself in one or more of the above points? Then an interior design can help you further. Because a professional combines your living wishes with the most beautiful colours, materials and layout, you are assured of a good result and a house that will make you happy. 

Interior design packages


Need a little help to get started? Book a Quick-start to get advice on your layout, colors and materials for a set price per room.

  • Online meeting

  • Floorplan

  • Moodboard

  • Tips 

  • Set price of €695,- 

Investment: € 695,-  (fixed price) *

* For max one floor of an average house


Are you ready for a complete make-over? Than we can help you from start to finish with the architecture, interior design and construction drawings.

  • Online meetings

  • Architectural design

  • Interior design

  • Technical drawings

Investment: from €1500,- 


Do you want to build a custom tiny house (on wheels)? A good design will make it possible to fit everything you need, while also still being functional and beautiful at the same time. 

  • Architectural design

  • Interior design 

  • Technidal drawings

  • Advice (off-grid) installations)

Investment: from €2500,-

Are you qurious about what NB Architecture can do for you? Please contact us to discuss the options, or request a quote directly. 

+31 6 39662112

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