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Tiny House

The premise of the design for this Tiny House was to bring all the functionality of home back to  7 m2, without making any concessions in terms of spaciousness and movement through space. This Tiny House is equipped with a bathroom with shower, a kitchen, lounge sofa, dining table/desk, double bed and sufficient storage space.

The design question was; how can you integrate all these options on 7 m2 without the space feeling crowded and full? The solution is a continuous functional wall in which all functionalities are hidden; a folding bed, a sofa, cupboards, shower, toilet and kitchen.

Of course, these different functions each require different dimensions. This would mean that the shower protrudes, the sofa and the kitchen cabinets lay back and the refrigerator protrudes further, etc. This creates a crowded feeling and makes it impossible to move freely through the room with several people at the same time.

This problem has been solved by a sloping functional wall. The sloping wall offers space for all the different functionalities, but then aligned in 1 wall. 

The diagonal orientation of the design also makes the interior focus on the sliding door or window in the sliding door. This in turn ensures an easy entry and exit and visual and spatial connection between inside and outside.

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