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Renovation apartement Amsterdam

The residents of this apartment in Amsterdam wanted to add a separate home workplace. The challenge was to create an extra space without obstructing the incidence of light. This has been solved by a wall that is partly open and partly closed. This preserves the incidence of light and creates additional storage space at the same time.

What remains is a space of 28 m² for the kitchen, dining table and living room. A bench along the wall, which also serves as storage space, saves space so that even in this small space 8 people can dine.
Room dividers have not been used in this small space. This gives a more spacious feeling and ensures as much daylight as possible 

In order to define the different spaces, color areas on the wall that continue on the ceiling have been chosen. These colorblocks feel like they embrace the space. This creates the illusion of two different spaces, without disturbing the lines of sight.

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